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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Have you ever visited "The island of the Scarecrows"?

The entrance to the Scarecrow island... in Chinese style...

There is an island in Europe that for two days in a year is inhabited by scarecrows!

They sunbath in the garden, they cycle, they work on their computers, they eat, they drink and they do everything else they like... scarecrows!

They are not dangerous, but some of them can be a bit scary.

Can you imagine an island inhabited by scarecrows?

It may seem a mad idea, but it is actually quite artistic in a way.

Made by dry grass, leaves and old clothes, these scarecrows represent an idyllic way of life in the country.

I was in the island during those misterious days when the scarecrows populated the streets.

I found them fascinating and I took some photographs.

They told me they were happy to become famous... and they smiled in my camera...

They looked as they were alive!

Hope you enjoy my photos!

Cycling peacefully... but look through the branches of the tree...

... have you ever seen scarecrows doing motocross before?

... or even in the Church !?!

... selling local vegetables and flowers...

... fishing...

...having their 5 o' clock tea...

... the priest ...

... and finally waiting the airport to go back home in Scarecrows Country!

At the end of the post you expected to read where this island is...isn't it?

Little clue: it is The island of Victor Hugo, the author of Les Miserables!