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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Do you like islands? All you need to know if you want to visit an amazing island in Europe.

The beautiful waterfront of St Peter Port will be the first sight of Guernsey, arriving by boat from St Malo, England or Jersey
Guernsey is a beautiful island situated 50 kilometres (31 mi) west of France's Normandy coast and 120 kilometres (75 mi) south of Weymouth, England and lies in the Gulf of St Malo. 

What's to see in Guernsey: #1 visit the House of Victor HugoClick Here to read the post 

With Jersey, Sark and Alderney, Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands, the group of islands famous thanks to the French writer Victor Hugo who lived in Guernsey and Jersey (we dedicated a post to Victor Hugo's really amazing House in Guernsey, that you can still visit today- click here to read the post).

Guernsey it's a wonderful island. 

It's wonderful because in few square meters you can enjoy a variety of different panoramas. 

You can walk on the cliffs in the South. You can walk on large sandy beaches on the West. 

What's to see in Guernsey: #2 Enjoy a walk on the West Coast
You can take the sun at Pembroke Bay in the North, but you can also walk through quite country lanes, the “green lanes” as they are called, where the traffic is reduced to a minimum and you can enjoy the silence. 

You can admire the beautiful cottages, the gardens, the flowers and the panorama on a distance. If you miss your shopping you can have a walk along the High Street of St Peter Port, the main town. 

What's to see in Guernsey: #3 Castle Cornet
The old castle in front of St Peter Port
St Peter Port is very charming: along the High Street you can go shopping, along the harbour you can find good pubs & restaurants, you can visit Castle Cornet and its interesting museum and the lighthouse along the water-breaker.

If you like literature you should visit Victor Hugo's House or read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, the famous bestseller about the life during the Second World War.

Today you can still visit the German bunkers and the other Nazi fortifications along the coast, very well preserved.

What's to see in Guernsey: #4
Visit the amazing Little Chapel built with shells
and china. 
Guernsey has just the right side to be visited walking, or sometimes taking a bus when you are tired. 

The sea is very beautiful there and the light is special. 

People are friendly, nice, quiet and polite. 

The island is very safe, the sea makes the island wonderful. 

There are interesting monuments to see, some of them quite unusual, like the Little Chapel, a work of love and art. There is history. 

From the old Martello Towers to the German fortifications. The memory of the IIWW invasion is strong the island.

What's to see in Guernsey: #5 walk along
the coastal cliff path in the South.
From spring to autumn the sun is shining most 
of the times, and the days are mild in winter. 
And then when you want Sark and Herm are very little away and from St Peter Port the boat runs daily there, weather permitting.

Local products are the pride of Guernsey. Milk, butter, ice cream, potatoes and many many vegetables you can find easily on sell in the honesty boxes just in front of many houses when you walk in the country.

What's to see in Guernsey: #6 The Festivals
We absolutely recommend the Scarecrows Festival

click here to read the post

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The French author of Les Miserables lived in exile in Guernsey. 
His house is an amazing display of the artistic taste and personality of Victor Hugo.

In August for a weekend the South of the Island is invaded by dozens of scarecrows along the narrow lanes, the cottages and the beautiful gardens in bloom... A wonderful festival for all the family!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

The most beautiful house in the world!

Where is the most beautiful house in the world?

Each one of us will provide probably a different answer according with our taste, but also for what we have seen and what we know.

This is "our" most beautiful house in the world.

Not many would know this building, it is not famous, but if you visit it you will feel the special charme this house has.

It is now a museum, but it feels as if it is still inhabited today.

It is rich of history, of music of people of life and it is beautiful in its modesty.

It is not a luxurious house or a castle, but we found it beautiful, elegant and inspiring.

Below you find a short history and some interesting  info about this charming house.

We hope you like it!

Koom Vongburi is situated in the pretty town of Phrae, in Thailand, away from the beaten track.

Although not spectacular as Ayutthaya or Sukhothai, Phrae offers enough for a day visit and the atmosphere is much more quiet and relaxed and the air is finally (relatively) more clean and breathable than in most touristy destinations in Thailand.

The streets are narrow in Phrae and beautiful houses built in teak wood are the main attraction of the town.

One is particularly interesting: the Koom Vongbouri (Vangburi House).

The Vangburi House has the charm of an old colonial upper class mansion.

It is completely built in teak wood and painted in white and pink.

Koom Vongbouri was the wonderful residence of the lord of Phrae: Prince Chumlamanee Sirimekphumin.

The man was a local rich land owner that improved the agricultural production in the are and for that reason he was awarded by the King of Thailand with more land and power in Phrae.

What is amazing is that the house is still containing today bits of original furniture, weapons and documents of the time, but it is the feeling of luxury in the large livingroom and in the shady tropical garden that makes this place special.

More photos for you below. 

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

La Boca - The Italian Genoese quarter of La Bombonera in Buenos Aires - Tips to visit safely Maradona area

The colurful quarter of La Boca welcomes the tourist in Buenos Aires.

Maybe the most famous area in Buenos Aires and certainly the most touristy. 

The quarter of La Boca is historically one of the poorest and most depressed areas of the Argentinian capital, but it certainly the most colourful.

Bright colours decorate the simple houses and the souvenir's shops are everywhere where one time the workers of the port lived. 

It is Buenos Aires as you stereotypically expect before visiting, it is unique and inspiring, it is charming and at the same time time touristy and even tacky.

The real Buenos Aires is much more modern but also much less colourful and certainly not so crowded of tango dancers and Diego Maradona performers at every crossroad as La Boca is. 

Restaurants, bars and Tango dancers will entrentain the tourist and somehow it will be like to visit an open museum of the most famous Argentinian history and tradition.

But it's enough to move few blocks away from El Caminito, the most touristy cobbled street, to see the real La Boca: dirty pavements and much more dirty children running under the shady trees in front of their homes. 

The dogs seem to have crapped everywhere along the way leading to the famous football-pitch of the Argentinian team of the  Boca Junior's (La Bombonera Stadium, The Estadio Alberto J. Armando, formerly the Estadio Camilo Cichero).

The streets around La Bombonera and the area, away from El Caminito, are not so safe to venture alone.

But if you have time you should consider visit the museum of La Bombonera Stadium: a Hall of fame the large mural of Diego Maradona (who played for the Boca) and the blue and gold guitar played by Lenny Kravitz at La Bombonera in 2005.

Here some photos and some tips to visit La Boca in Buenos Aires as safely as possible.


Here some tips to visit in relative safety the area of La Boca in Buenos Aires:

1. Don't go there too early in the morning or too late at night or at siesta time in early afternoon

2. Walk along the touristy street of El Caminito, there is safe and there is where is to see the most 

3. Notice where the police is situated: police normally enclose the touristy area making it safe. Do not wonder away from that area.

4. If you want to see a football match at the football stadium La Bombonera don't bring with you anything of value.

5. To go from the town to La Boca take a taxi or a bus, do not walk your way there.

6. If from the area of El Caminito you wish to move to La Bombonera Stadium to visit the museum, remain on the main road and wait for other tourists going in the same direction. Alternatively take a taxi. Taxis are normally parked at the entrance of the El Caminito.

Hope you enjoy your visit in Buenos Aires and you enjoyed our photos.

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